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Hi all been MIA (missing in action) because the world opened up and back at it . . .traveling the world. Made it to Greece (Mykonos, Santorini and back to Athens) in summer of 2022. Cartagena a costal city in Colombia my home country in fall 2022. Returned to South Mexico, Cabo for a bridal celebration, then Columbus, Ohio for my first Indian wedding that on its own was an experience. Traveled to Orlando for Bad Bunny concert and made it a Mickey Mouse vacation as well staying for a week and doing Disney World. Summer 2022 returned to Hawaii, Maui this time, so amazing, the Polynesian vibe never gets old. Fall 2022 will hope across the pond to Spain, visiting the historic and culturally rich Barcelona and Madrid.

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Well incredibly happy that it is 2021 because 2020 was a dumpster fire! That said managed to some domestic trips Michigan and New Jersey mid-year. Might not sound like much but escaping Texas at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic is not joke. In addition to Florida and of course Asia when the planet shut down. Glad to report made it just fine, tested (negative) regularly for Covid and Anti-bodies all clear.

By the grace of God was able to get the Pfizer vaccine in early February 2021. Same month that visited Hawaii, stayed in Waikiki. It was some intense health security to go there. Not all islands were open without a 14-day quarantine. Covid test is extremely strict and enforced, felt more like visiting a foreign country than a state.
Once in Oahu, the Honolulu area was lively during the day but limited nightlife. Ride hailing was also awfully expensive, took the bus to get around for the most part. It did not matter; this was the same week of the Deep Winter Freeze in Texas. Lucked out all around no trip interruption.  The beaches and the people were as nice as I remember them. Just make sure to wear a mask or they will call you out. Get on a bus make sure to have a two layer or medical grade mask or they will not let you on. It all made me feel safer, glad I am paranoid by nature, so was ready.

Working on to visit Europe in 2021. Greece may open in May, but the rest of Europe is not looking very good. Once vaccinated there maybe travel passports. Regardless, if their local economy is no open then it is not much of a reason to go. I wanted to visit Spain, Barcelona in particular, can only hope it all works out.  Stay safe people!

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Well made it back with no issues and worked in a Post-Covid trip to CocoaBeach and Daytona Beach. Guess Covid didn't happen there the way the people and restaurants behave. It's all good had a great time and look forward to going to Florida again at the end of July when Disney World open. That should be interesting!


On February 28 2020 getting on a plane towards the eye of the Coronavirus storm! Interesting enough it got here to the U.S. before we got to it in Asia. I will be blogging daily hopefully from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. Click here (or "BLOG" at the top this page) to follow my adventure, hopefully it wont be the last.



2019 was like . . . a once in a lifetime trip to Africa. . well might go back we'll see.

Returned to the African continent this time South Africa and Tanzania. Cape Town was very much reminiscent of Europe while going to Tanzania was very reminiscent of Latin America. It was total of about seventeen days of travel, four of which were spent on airplanes and maybe another three on ship or car getting to and from places.
It started off as a solo trip to Cape Town saw the touristy things to do, Table Mountain, Boulders Penguin Colony and the Cape Town peninsula tour which included a wine tour. Wrapped it up with a traditional South African dinner experience. The most memorable thing I took back is the food. I definitely ate and drank my way through this town.  

2020 - Looking forward to vesting the Southeast Asia (Indochinese Peninsula) March entering via Beijing airport connection over to Thailand Chai Mai few days then over to Phuket. Fly to Viet man, river cruise in Cambodia and round it out to Singapore where I will do my best to hit as many Crazy Rich Asians spots as possible.

Later in August taking a cruise to the Greek Island on the Mediterranean Sea. Boarding via Venice, Italy, island hopping the Greek Islands finishing up in Croatia Split before heading back to Venice. I have been to Greece and Croatia great culture is like the Bahamas of Europe. Been to Split and Venice before look forward to spending more time there.

Assuming there are any vacation days left heading over to Spain in the fall, never been Barcelona or Madrid.


Australia 2018 - Still a work in progress however posted some footage may NSFW :-)

South Africa 2019 - Discover The Peninsula Tour - Favorite Tour

Tanzania 2019 - Short Clips - Highlights from the Trip. So much footage, it was easier to record than Snap when in a motion.


Left to Right: Toronto, Edigburgh, Berlin and Athens