Toured the coastal cities of Spain on a northern cruise of Europe. Visited the town of Vigo, Isla de Toja and Bilbao. All very different and unique some don't even speak Spanish! It was part of a Celebrity Cruise lines trip and these were day trips. Just enough to get the flavor of the towns and cities. The Iglesia is completely covered with sea shells very pretty. Picked up some jewelry, perfume and soap that's their thing. LOL

Isla de La Toja 2012 - Pontvera - Iglesia de la Toja

Castro Urdiales - 2012 - Located in the Bay of Biscay, Spain Cantabria

Bizkaia Bridge (Puent Colgante) 2014 - The oldest hanging bridge in operation for over 120 years



Bilbao (Basque / Bisca) 2014 - Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the 'Puppy' and the spider 'Maman'